Green Monday: Savvy Shopper's Cyber Monday!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are gone! But if you’re still into holiday shopping, you’ll love to know all about the next upcoming event, Green Monday. We sometimes miss out our favorite pieces. Consider Green Monday as the golden opportunity to bring everything stuff home while saving big! But before you start your shopping spree, let’s learn everything about this exciting day!

What is Green Monday Sale?

Green Monday Sale

Green Monday is one of the leading online shopping days of the year. Surprisingly, eBay coined the term, describing its best sales day in December, while later on it was adopted by the e-commerce industry. This day is considered significant as it falls before Christmas, the most important gift-giving day of the year. This day also has significance when it comes to outstanding deals and discounts.

When is Green Monday 2017?

Usually falling on the second Monday of December, this event is organized at least ten days before Christmas. In 2017, Green Monday falls on Dec. 11, 2017.

11 December - Green Monday

Now the question remains, why should you care? There are a few reasons. It’s a dream for cost-conscious shoppers who need last minute gifts. So, let’s gather some more information on it.


Why Green Monday?

With Cyber Monday and Black Friday, why do we need Green Monday?

  • Biggest Deals & Discounts: It’s the day in which ecommerce retailers announce their top deals and discounts, perfect for last minute shoppers needing to finish their shopping.
Biggest Deals and Discounts on Green Monday
  • Shop from Home: While on weekends when we tend to spend more time with family, on outings or other miscellaneous activities, it’s the day that offers shopping from the ease of your home or office.
  • Manifold Choices: When online retailers are providing their most significant sales, they offer a discount on a complete range of products
  • Shopping Day before Christmas: For all the last minute buys before Christmas, it’s a great day to go for items you missed earlier.

Green Monday vs. Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday

Difference between Green Monday, Cyber Monday and Green Monda

Green Monday

  • While Green Monday is little understated when it comes to recognition, it does have more significant online sales offer than Cyber Monday or Black Friday.
  • Most retailers kick-start their Green Monday sale at midnight. So if you’ve wrapped up your shopping spree long enough and want to steal some good deals in the process, Green Monday is the best day to get it down.
  • Not only the shoppers but this day is also money-spinning for the retailers as well. Desperate buyers don’t want to portray themselves careless with no gift at holiday gatherings and are therefore keen to buy a gift due to the time crunch.
  • You can steal the deals on cameras, headphones, iPhones, speakers, TVs, data storage, iPads, tablets, movies, etc., video games, appliances, kitchen, tools, shoes, fashion jewelry and beauty.

Cyber Monday

  • It’s faster and time saver. As opposed to in-store shopping, you are more likely to spend time in buying products online that you intend to.
  • Similar to Green Monday, it is easier to discover retailer-wide discounts in comparison to product-specific ones that are more likely to be offered in stores.
  • It’s a perfect a day to steal the close deals as you might find products with substantial discounts due to their not so good sales on Black Friday.
  • Just like any other day, online shopping tends to be more opportune than asking your feet to take you to the store. You can shop from anywhere, even from work.
  • You can steal the deals on laptops, travel, kitchen, and shoes.

Black Friday

  • Black Friday opens the opportunity for the in-store buying experience where trying on clothes and seeing products before purchasing is an additional advantage.
  • Canceled orders? No worries! You have Black Friday sale. If you have a product in the cart and you check out, the item is yours.
  • Shipping fees? In-store shopping takes away that as well.
  • You might find some surprise discounts, deals and offers when you shop in person. It’s the best way to take advantage of those super savings provided.
  • You can steal the deals on clothing, toys, iPads, tablets, and androids.

How to Save the Most this Green Monday?

  • Keep an eye on the shipping dates on the products purchased online especially when you have bought gifts for dear and near ones.
  • Before you get ready to steal the deals, make sure that you know the timings of the sales you are logging for, or you might miss the exceptional offers.
  • Have social media as your savior. Always remember to follow your favorite retailers as there Facebook pages and other social platforms can give a clear insight into the upcoming special offers.
  • Another great idea can be to bookmark your favorite pages with the selected deals that fit your interest so that it is easier for you to make a purchase instantly.
  • It will be a great idea to consider this day, especially if you’re still on a lookout for the best deals after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • It’s a waiting game. So, wait until you find your deal.
  • Stay away from the excitement as it can lead to some extra spending of money. Before you enter the shopping game, take account of your budget and purchase list.

With the benefits that are so oh-so-real, enjoy your shopping!

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